Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

How do I join?

To be counted as an official branch member, you have to be a member of AIAA national first. To sign up for AIAA national membership go to the AIAA membership site.  You will receive a member ID number which we'll need to sign you up as a branch member.  The easiest way to join the branch is through one of our projects - just send one of our project managers an email to confirm their next meeting time/location and to let them know you're coming.  If you do not wish to join a project, but would still like to join the AIAA, simply include that in your email.  At the meeting, have your membership ID and branch dues ready and they'll get you setup in no time! Branch dues are $20 annually.

What are the benefits of student membership?

I am not an aerospace major, but can I still join?

Definitely! We welcome members of every major who have an interest in aviation or space travel.

For your information, careers in aerospace are not limited to aerospace engineers. For example, NASA employs astronomers, business managers, biologists, doctors, software & hardware engineers, test pilots, physicists, publicists, and people of many other professions needed to carry out their missions.

What events does AIAA host?

We host everything from professional guest speakers, tours of industry facilities, career sessions with recruiters, assorted engineering projects, and the Design/Build/Fly competition. For details of upcoming events, check out the calendar.

I want to start my own aerospace project. Will you provide support?

Absolutely! We are more than willing to lend a helping hand to all self-starters. Whether it is your own project or one of AIAA’s numerous student competitions, tell us your ideas, and together we’ll get things started.

Does this require a lot of commitment?

As with all things, it depends on how much you want to do. Many of us have spent countless hours on past projects, but we also offer activities for members who simply enjoy attending our general meetings and events.

Are you guys the most awesome people in the world?

Of course we are.