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What is AIAA?

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is a global organization of over 31,000 members that serves to link together professionals, educators, and students of the aerospace industry.

Each year, AIAA sponsors a large number of technical conferences and student competitions across the nation; it also publishes a variety of books — including the AIAA Education Series of textbooks – and nine research journals.

Organizationally, AIAA is composed of seven regional offices, sixty-four local sections, and over 160 student branches. You can find more information here.

Who leads the UCLA Student Chapter?

Meet your officers and faculty advisors for the 2021-2022 school year! Like you, they are engineering students, so feel free to ask them for advice on classes or just talk about anything with them. They won't bite — unless you're a Trojan.

Position Name
Management, Liaison, Recruitment, Meetings

Zehao Rong

Zehao Rong
External Affairs Officer
Industry-Facing Events, Outreach
Nathan Luk Nathan Luk
Professional Development Officer
Career Development, Mentorship, Membership
Ian Pascual Ian Pascual
Financial Officer
Planning, Budgeting, Logistics
Derek Hung Derek Hung
Lab Manager
Daniel Lin Daniel Lin
Faculty Advisor Jeff Eldredge Professor Jeff Eldredge
Richard Wirz Professor Richard Wirz
Project Leads Zehao Rong
DBF Project Manager
Zehao Rong
Anna Cosmin-Spanoche
RP President
Anna Cosmin-Spanoche
Kate Oberlander
RP Vice President
Kate Oberlander
James Tseng
UAS President
James Tseng
Sahil Gosain
BSG President
Sahil Gosain


AIAA provides the opportunity for students to gain experience that closely relate to work in the industry. We also host infosessions and invite speakers from various mechanical and aerospace companies to deliver presentations on their experiences. These events help students discover their interests and realize their desired career trajectory. We strive to give our members the most enriching learning experience at UCLA, but we cannot do this without the generous help of our sponsors. We gratefully thank the following organizations:

As we gain more members at an exciting rate each year, we ask for your support and are grateful for any and all contributions. At the same time, we are enthusiastic in assisting our sponsors in return for their help in fostering interest in student engineers. If you would like to become a sponsor, you can download our sponsorship packet here.